Design with ambition

Aurora is a one stop application for solar sales and engineering. Generate a full design from as little as an address and an electric bill.

Powerful features for the solar architect

Aurora's platform combines functionality from all the most essential tools used by solar professionals today into one streamlined workflow, purpose-built for the industry.

3D System Design

Add a new dimension to your design process

Aurora's integrated 2D and 3D modeling tools provide a visual environment to size, configure, and optimize solar installations. A suite of specialized design tools boost your productivity by automating repetitive tasks, enabling you to focus on the intricacies of system design.

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Shading Analysis

Skip the onsite shade measurements, save a truck roll

Aurora's irradiance engine provides solar access values that are statistically equivalent to actual on-site shade measurements, for any location in the world, allowing you to design and quote systems with confidence.

Read NREL's validation of Aurora's shading accuracy

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Financial Analysis

Calculate project finances without spreadsheets

Aurora models a client's energy profile and visualizes the costs and savings of a design so you can easily demonstrate the economic benefits of going solar. Calculate LCOE, IRR, payback period, and more for any number of financing options.

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Sales Proposals

Sell solar the way you've always wanted to

Aurora pulls design and financial information into sales proposals at the click of a button. Use or create any template you want to make professional and customized documents that allow you to sell solar your way.

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Advanced Engineering

Ensure code compliance and accelerate permitting

Aurora performs hundreds of checks on your system design to ensure NEC-compliance. Get production estimates from the industry's most advanced performance simulations. Generate and export single line and layout diagrams for easy integration into your permitting processes.

Read NREL's study of Aurora's performance simulation engine

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