Aurora Updates

See how you can accurately size a solar system with just a few clicks, in just a few seconds, using AutoDesigner. 
Many homeowners are now considering energy storage as a way to keep the lights on when the power goes out. See how Aurora can help you close the deal.
See how horizon shading helps accurately account for things like hills and mountains that can affect a house's solar profile significantly.
What jurisdiction setbacks look like in the Aurora Interface
Neglecting to factor fire setbacks into a solar system can result in an overly aggressive design, change orders, and a disappointed customer. See how Aurora fixes this problem in a flash.
Learn how APIs can help solar businesses automate communications between sales and the rest of the organization in a streamlined and predictable way.
Starting a solar business is a big deal! And with today's hot solar market, there are some things you don't want to get wrong. Our guide can help.
Learn more about the principles of calculating solar irradiance and see some of the computation approaches we employed to make this critical process faster.
In this post, we'll share how you can accelerate your solar career through the NABCEP Associate program regardless of your experience level.
Mastering the "Why solar?" pitch: Tactics for tailoring proposals to convey your company’s message and meet the needs of your customers.
We surveyed over 600+ solar installers to find out what technology they're using to grow their businesses. Here's what we found:
Finding the best solar battery for your needs can be tricky. There are so many to choose from! Let us help you find the optimal solution.