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Texas is one of the most deregulated electricity markets in the country, but you can still save big on solar with local incentives and the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).
California is home to one of the few (and longest-running) energy storage incentive programs in the country. Here's what you need to know to take advantage of it.
California NEM
Explore changes to NEM and why dismantling it runs counter to public interest, and learn about other state-led energy assistance programs.
Some Aurora resources to help you educate your solar prospects on the federal and local solar incentives currently available. 
In response to an ever-increasing volume of intermittent renewable energy—predominantly solar, CAISO began preparing for the impacts it will have on net load.
A look at some solar business operations considerations, including the importance of insurance and what’s happening with NEM.
Investigate some major lessons solar installers have learned over the past year, and how they'll be acting on them in 2021 and beyond.
A house with the lights on in a storm.
Demand for solar storage is booming, so solar installers must understand why customers want it and how they can sell it. 
Empower 2021 will bring together experts across solar design, financing, policy, and leadership with a single focus: championing and enabling growth.
Texan power lines in winter
As the climate changes, “unprecedented” weather events are becoming more common. What can we learn about solar storage from what happened in Texas?