The residential solar market in the US is growing at an unprecedented rate. After taking 40 years to reach the first million solar installations, we installed our second million in just 3 years. 

But while the demand for solar has grown, solar sales tools haven’t kept up. Most software products on the market force a sales rep to choose between speed and accuracy. In other

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The resources solar employers can use to recruit the best talent and ensure an inclusive work environment with plenty of advancement.
A look at some solar permitting solutions that can help lower costs and expedite the solar installation process. 
Learn how APIs can help solar businesses automate communications between sales and the rest of the organization in a streamlined and predictable way.
A look at some solar business operations considerations, including the importance of insurance and what’s happening with NEM.
5-Star Sales Experience Webinar
How to reframe your sales pitch to address your leads’ hesitations and write winning proposals specifically tailored to their needs.
How does a photovoltaic system work? What components is it made of? And what factors affect how much energy it produces? Read on to find out this and more!
What is an energy load profile is, why does it influence financial returns for solar, and how do you model one?
Homeowners Associations (HOAs) can present barriers to residential solar projects. Learn to navigate the HOA solar approval process to maximize success.
Best practices and solar software features for teams looking to streamline their sales process and scale in the age of remote and hybrid sales.