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LIDAR is changing how we do business and how fast we can produce an accurate design. Customers are overwhelmingly surprised at how fast and accurate our designs are compared to other companies.

Eric Moon Vivint Solar

With the availability of Aurora Solar software, the cost of truck rolls have reduced. No need to invest in expensive tools, and the accuracy and user friendliness of the software makes it easy for anyone to design the solar system.

Imaan Javan Suntuity

Aurora has helped set us apart from other solar companies in our market. We have always strived to be the most accurate, honest, and reliable company out there, so using Aurora was just a natural step in our business model.

Tyler Soukup Auric Solar

Aurora’s wizardry makes even the most complicated commercial projects simple to plan and engineer. It’s like having another team of engineers.

Lance Muranaga Greenlight Energy

We have used almost every design tool on the web over the last 8 years and have always found Aurora to be the easiest and quickest to allow quality designs and proposals.

Chadd Jones Jones Solar

With Aurora we can create a full 3D model with shading and production estimates in under 10 minutes with a very high level of accuracy.

Jeffrey Benson Blue Raven Solar

Using Aurora as an independent, unbiased, third party design tool has allowed us to quickly and accurately show our customers a real production number that Baker can confidently stand behind.

Keith Randhahn Baker Electric Solar

Our company's customer base covers a very large area of land making site visits difficult. Rather than spending hours driving to and assessing a site, we're able to use Aurora to analyze properties and design solar arrays in a matter of minutes without ever leaving the office.

Brandon Nicolosi Solar Holler

Aurora is our main tool for creating solar designs and proposals. It has integrated tools which are absolutely priceless when creating a solar design. Aurora has streamlined our design process and is our "go-to" when it comes to accuracy.

Austin Hohman Westhaven Solar

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