Aurora Solar

Outshine the competition

Boost your web conversion rates and capture higher-quality leads with an innovative, interactive digital lead capture experience.

Lead Capture AI

Get ready to win over your leads

Capture attention – before the competition does

Engage homeowners with a personalized, AI-generated 3D solar estimate: An innovative experience that builds your brand credibility and makes you stand out.

Boost your conversion funnel with higher-quality leads

Capture critical qualification data upfront so you can focus and act quickly on high-quality leads only.

Lower your customer acquisition costs

Streamline qualification and lead routing, reduce the cost of nurturing low-quality leads, and empower homeowners to self-qualify.

Drive highly efficient digital lead conversion with Lead Capture AI

Improve your lead conversion rates with instant 3D solar estimates on your own website

  • 22% Visitors that use Lead Capture AI become a lead, on average
  • Up to 4x Increase in website leads, based on customer results

Customizable qualification questions and utility bill capture

  • Qualify quickly by capturing lead information directly in the lead capture experience

  • Increase accuracy of quotes by enabling homeowners to share their utility bills

AI-powered 3D solar estimate

Delight homeowners with an interactive 3D model of their home.

  • Automated site model and panel placement

  • Pan and zoom interactivity

  • Environmental and cost savings estimate

Lead management

Manage inbound leads directly from the Aurora app or via API to qualify and route quickly.

  • Convert lead to Aurora project

  • Deliver lead to other applications

Explore Aurora

Aurora’s all-in-one software platform empowers every team to deliver across every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Sales Mode

Sales Mode’s guided workflows and simple swipe interactions make selling solar a breeze.

Aurora AI

An address and one month’s utility bill are all you need to instantly generate a 3D home solar design for your customer.

Contract Manager

Raise your sales game with auto-populated contracts and a fully integrated e-signature system.

Design Mode

Accurately design systems from anywhere with the most powerful 3D CAD suite on the market.

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