Roof drawing. Redefined.

Introducing SmartRoof to Aurora.


You draw the roof perimeter. SmartRoof does the rest.

Instantly infer roof structure

Just draw the roof perimeter, make a few adjustments, and SmartRoof automatically infers the internal structure. With 90º snaps and lines to help guide you, you can make perfect 2D and 3D models in no time.

Add dormers with ease

Drag and drop dormers directly onto your rooftop design, and watch as they integrate into the model. Copy and paste dormers onto different roof planes; SmartRoof will rotate them automatically for you.

Model complex roof structures, simply

Insert folds to easily model Dutch gable roofs and other complex roofs. Go to 3D mode to see your ready-made model.

Intuitive solar roof design; it’s software that’s easy and understands a roof better than the user. SmartRoof has taken our roof drawings from 5 minutes each to 30 seconds—that time and money saved are significant to our company. This is a solar software breakthrough.

Michelle Meier

President, Solar Roof Services

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