About us

We are a diverse team based in Palo Alto, CA, passionate about advancing the growth of solar energy.

How it all started

In 2012, while still in graduate school, Sam and Chris installed a commercial solar system for a school in East Africa. The project was a resounding success, allowing the school to save on its electricity bills as well as have a reliable and carbon-free source of energy.

However, Sam and Chris experienced firsthand the inefficiency of the solar sales, design, and commissioning process. Although the system itself took only a few weeks to install, research, financial calculations, and system design took several months.

Talking to other solar installers, they found that soft-costs were impeding the growth of the industry. Based on these experiences, they founded Aurora with the goal of enabling any solar professional to design and sell an optimal solar project in minutes.

To date, Aurora has been used to design over 1,000,000 solar installations. And we're just getting started!

The Team

Christopher Hopper


Samuel Adeyemo


Ana Conde

Sales Consultant

Andrew Gong

Research Engineer

Anna Kuznetsova

Software Engineer

Amir Zamir

Consulting Scientist

Arindam Bose

Graphics Software Engineer

Brett Harvey

Simulation Research Engineering Intern

Cara LoPiano

Sales Development Representative

Carl Olsson

Software Engineer

Courtney Ferl

Customer Success Analyst

Ganesh Nunnagoppula

Computer Vision Engineer

Gwendolyn Brown

Content Marketing Analyst

Danae Smith

Customer Success Analyst

Kelly Stevens

Front-End Engineer

JT McCook

Sales Consultant

Keith Yeung

Full Stack Engineering Intern

Lauren Block

Software Engineer


Lev Lozhkin

Software Engineer

Madeleine Udell

Consulting Scientist

Marion Wellington

Growth Marketing Analyst

Matt Stevens

Software Engineer

Meseker Yohannes

Software Engineer

Michael Klocker

Software Engineer

Mike Leith

Sales Consultant


Mikhail Kushnikov

Product Manager


Mitchell Dawson

Software Engineer

Natasha Iyer

Customer Success Analyst

Maxwell Siegelman

Computer Vision Engineer


Oliver Toole

Quantitative Engineer

Rahul Nihalani

Head of Growth

Roshan Vidyashankar

Software Engineer

Sunny Wang

Chief of Staff

Victor Ionin

Customer Success Analyst

Wending Lu

UX Designer/Engineer

Yining Liu

Data Scientist