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Over the last 8 years, Aurora has helped our customers design more than 8 million solar projects. Tap into this network by becoming an Aurora partner today.


Our Partner Programs

Referral Partner

Become a referral partner and tap into the Aurora network. Our various referral programs allow our partners to benefit from financial incentives and grow their brand exposure. Refer, Reward, Repeat!

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System Integrator Partner

Our system integrator partner program connects customers with fully vetted developers to help them build integrations and utilize the Aurora platform to its fullest potential.

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Technology Partner

The Aurora platform leverages a full stack of best-in-class technology. Whether you’re a solar service company, OEM, SaaS company, or other technology partner – we can design a program for you.

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Current Aurora Partners

Aurora Partner Benefits

Grow Your Business

Increased Brand Exposure & Awareness

Pre-Sales Technical Support

Product Training Sessions & Demos

Help Center Access for Robust Support

Partner Support, QBRs, & Pipeline Reviews

Marketing Promotion, Co-Branding, & Case Studies

Partner Program Promotion to Aurora Network

Let's Sell Solar Together

Referral Partner Programs

Become a referral partner and tap into the Aurora network. Work with us to create a program that works for you!

Whether you’re a hardware manufacturer, a distributor, an installer, or a software developer - Aurora has a referral program to fit your business. Discover a new way to build value for your company and clients by becoming an Aurora referral partner. Join one of our referral programs today to start generating revenue and receiving discounts or credits on Aurora’s leading solar platform.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs can encourage repeat business or upselling opportunities. Reward your best customers and incentivize new ones with an Aurora loyalty program.

Channel Partner Programs

Generate revenue and boost brand awareness through an Aurora channel partner program, designed to increase your customer engagement and extend your reach.

Pay-Per-Lead Programs

PPL partners refer leads to Aurora in exchange for compensation. Start generating new revenue by sending leads to Aurora today

Become a Referral Partner Today

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Let’s Design Solar Together

Aurora System Integrator Partner Program

Our fully vetted integrator partners enable customers to incorporate Aurora into their tech stacks in ways that are most effective for their businesses. Our program connects Aurora customers with developers to utilize our platform to its fullest potential.

Our System Integrator (SI) program is a Two-Tier Partner Model that recognizes participants by their level of experience with Aurora Solar products and services, delivery capabilities, and industry-related expertise.

Tier 1 System Integrator

Integrations with Common CRM/ERP SaaS Platforms such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • SSO Integrations

Tier 2 System Integrator

  • Integrations with Open-Source or Proprietary CRM/ERP Solutions
  • Fully Customizable Application Integration

Become a Systems Integrator Partner Today

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Let’s Enable Solar Together

Technology Partner Programs

The Aurora platform leverages a full stack of best in class technology. Whether you’re a solar service provider, OEM, SaaS company, or other technology partner – we can design a program for you.

Build strategic relationships and generate revenue through an Aurora technology partnership. Each partnership is tailored to help you achieve your specific goals and deliver value. Let’s build pipeline and land and expand together.

Original Equipment Providers (OEMs) and Distributors

  • Solar panels
  • Solar inverters & optimizers
  • Solar racking manufacturers
  • Energy storage & microgrid technology
  • Solar/electrical/roofing/other distributors

Solar Service Providers

  • Solar marketing agencies
  • Solar operations & maintenance
  • Other solar service providers

Solar-Related Technologies

  • CRMs
  • Project management
  • Logistics
  • Inventory management
  • Other business management tools

Become a Technology Partner Today

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Become an Aurora Partner Today

Become an Aurora Partner Today

Get in touch with Aurora’s Business Development team to learn more about our partnership offerings and how to get started