From the beginning, Aurora’s mission has been to create a future of solar energy for all by enabling solar professionals to design and sell solar at scale. On our journey, we had the opportunity to connect with Folsom Labs and realized that we shared the same vision for the solar industry. Ultimately, we decided we’re better together than apart, so today we’re happy to an

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Best practices and solar software features for teams looking to streamline their sales process and scale in the age of remote and hybrid sales. 
What goes into an efficient PV system, including panel and cell efficiency, planning, installation, and maintenance.
A megaphone on a wall
Drive sales by communicating with prospective solar buyers in a way that engages them and makes them want to say "Yes."
Learn new ways to lower your customer acquisition costs with behavioral insights and effective communication techniques.
The information you need on four marketing strategies that companies just starting out on their marketing program should consider.
Investigate some major lessons solar installers have learned over the past year, and how they'll be acting on them in 2021 and beyond.
To get an accurate estimate of how much energy a PV system will produce you need to understand the factors that can reduce system output.
An introduction to kW and kWh. How do we get to these terms, what do they mean, and how are they used in your electric bill?  
Learn more about Aurora Solar's acquisition of Folsom Labs.