The residential solar market in the US is growing at an unprecedented rate. After taking 40 years to reach the first million solar installations, we installed our second million in just 3 years. 

But while the demand for solar has grown, solar sales tools haven’t kept up. Most software products on the market force a sales rep to choose between speed and accuracy. In other

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In response to an ever-increasing volume of intermittent renewable energy—predominantly solar, CAISO began preparing for the impacts it will have on net load.
A look at solar marketing and brand management strategies, including why they're important and how you can use the internet to your advantage.
See how horizon shading helps accurately account for things like hills and mountains that can affect a house's solar profile significantly.
A refresher on some of the key terms and metrics for expressing how much sunlight will reach a solar array.
The benefits and drawbacks of buying and generating solar leads, and some solar marketing strategies to generate leads that turn into sales.
What jurisdiction setbacks look like in the Aurora Interface
Neglecting to factor fire setbacks into a solar system can result in an overly aggressive design, change orders, and a disappointed customer. See how Aurora fixes this problem in a flash.
Broadening and diversifying your company can give you a long-term competitive advantage. Check out some markets that might be right for you. 
Take a deep dive into some resources that can help you align your team’s efforts with your tech to deliver more optimal solar systems and more happy customers. 
AC disconnects and DC disconnects are needed for solar installations to ensure power at home shut offs safely. Here, we review why AC/DC disconnects are needed.