The Ultimate Solar Sales Bundle

Take your sales skills to the next level with some of the best strategies for selling solar and storage in today’s hybrid environment. 

Bundle includes:

  • Finding Their “Yes”: What Really Drives a Homeowner’s Decision to Buy From You
  • Solar Sales 2.0: How to Level-up in the Age of Remote and Hybrid Selling
  • Unlocking the Remote Sales Opportunity
  • The Pocket Guide to Selling Storage

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Most homeowners can benefit from switching to solar, but selling solar is far from simple. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into what really drives a homeowner’s decision to buy solar with your company. 


With the rise of remote selling, sales reps across the industry are having to rethink their traditional sales techniques. In this session, remote and hybrid sales experts will cover tried and true sales techniques reimagined with today’s digital tools. We’ll cover everything from how to increase virtual meeting attendance to how to easily share complex energy and solar financing information with your customer using digital solar software tools.


One of the hardest aspects of selling remotely is how to convince and convert a prospect you can’t meet in person. JP Gerken has two decades of experience creating and scaling successful virtual sales teams in complex industries like mortgages and solar. In this fireside conversation, he’ll share the science behind making online solar sales work for your organization.


According to SEIA, more than 33% of new residential PV systems in the U.S. will be paired with energy storage by 2025. Storage is becoming BIG, but despite the market growth, a lot of installers are still having a hard time successfully converting buyers. To help installers grow their storage business, we put together this Pocket Guide to Selling Storage.