PV System Design and Engineering

Aurora’s responsive engineering interface is tailor-made for solar designers.

Interactive design

Drag and drop modules, inverters, and BOS components in an integrated CAD environment. Aurora gives you real-time feedback on component placement and electrical configurations.

Designing in a 3D environment means that what you see is what you get. Aurora seamlessly converts 3D measurements into 2D plans, ensuring that your designs will match physical installations.


Powerful convenience

Automatically fill roof surfaces with pre-strung modules, inverters, and BOS components. Modify individual module placement, wiring, and connections by simply clicking and dragging. Visually design ground mounts, dual- and compound-tilt systems.


Automatic system design

Looking to generate the most cost-effective system? Maximize bill savings? Aurora uses bleeding-edge algorithms and runs through thousands of combinations to help you generate the best site designs instantly.


Extensive component library

Select modules and inverters from a library. Aurora’s database is constantly updated with the latest products, including smart modules. You can also customize and add your own combiner boxes, disconnects, load centers, and more.


Perform NEC validation

Aurora’s engine performs hundreds of checks on your system for NEC compliance. Understand which calculations are made with breakdowns and formulas for string sizing, inverter power, fire-code setback violations and more.


Single-line diagrams

Generate single line and layout diagrams and export them as DXF files for easy integration into your permitting processes.