Site Modeling

Aurora has the most advanced solar CAD suite on the market.

Easy roof drawing

Trace roof outlines over a satellite image with a couple of clicks. Model simple surfaces or complex roof structures. With Automatic Edge Detection, Aurora will intelligently classify edges, calculate azimuths, and apply fire-code setbacks to your model for you.


LIDAR-assisted modeling

Complement satellite imagery with LIDAR (light detection and ranging) data, making it much easier to create accurate 3D models for design and shading analysis.

Watch a video of it in action here

Sun path diagrams

Aurora’s interactive shade simulator can show you an animation of the sun’s movement for any time, day, or month.


Draw trees and obstructions

Aurora allows you to easily insert trees and obstructions, taking the shadows cast by these into account in any simulations.


Apply fire-code setbacks

Input jurisdictional requirements and Aurora will display fire-code setbacks as you design. Furthermore, the Validation Report will alert you if any modules violate your setback requirements.