California’s Net Metering: How Change Could Impact Your Business

  • What key parties have proposed to the California Public Utilities Commission for NEM 3.0, including investor-owned utilities 
  • How these changes will impact rooftop solar’s payback period and monthly utility bill savings and costs    
  • How to stay updated on NEM 3.0 developments

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California’s existing net energy metering (NEM 2.0) is changing. The California Public Utilities Commission kicked off the process to redesign NEM 2.0 in August 2020, and the new rules are expected to be announced at the end of this year.

What will these changes mean for solar customers and businesses? Early indications suggest reductions in the value of NEM credits and new monthly fees for both residential and commercial customers. In this webinar, Aurora Solar will be joined by the California Solar & Storage Association’s (CALSSA) Brad Heavner, Policy Director and Bernadette Del Chiaro, Executive Director, to discuss the potential changes to NEM and how they will impact solar customers and California’s rooftop solar market.