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Solar Marketing: From Blog Post to Proposal — Strategies to Drive Storage Sales

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While the demand for solar + storage is on the rise, and according to Aurora’s 2020 Solar Technology Benchmark Survey, 70% of solar installers are already offering solar storage options. Yet, many installers have yet to refine their storage sales process and are missing out on potential sales. 

Solar Installers Research Survey

Last week, we covered how offering your prospective customers informative solar content can lead to increased brand perception and quicker conversions. In this final article of our four-part solar marketing series, we’ll explore how to create useful content and effective storage proposals your prospects will love.

3 Ways to Market and Sell Solar Storage More Successfully 

Many solar installers don’t have a clear process for how to quote and sell storage, and often miss out on the sale. In this post, we cover how to position storage to prospective customers. 

Smart Software Features for More Storage Sales

To sell storage effectively, installers need a tool that:

  • Adds storage instantly to any existing solar project or proposal
  • Shows the financial breakdown of the battery system and the overall system cost
  • Shows the backup duration as hours, days, or a percentage

Take a look at this article to learn how Aurora’s storage features can help you close more storage sales.

Solar Storage and Home Batteries: What’s Driving People to Buy? 

Why is the demand for storage rising? Take a look at this article to explore what is driving the demand for solar storage and how to take advantage of these trends.

The Grow your Solar Business Bundle

Learn how to position your products and services to sell more solar.

This bundle includes:

  • Money on the Table: Expanding Your Business Through New Products
  • How to Grow Your Solar Business with Storage (Backed by Data)
  • How to Upgrade Your Lead Generation Program for the Post-COVID Era
  • And The Pocket Guide to Selling Storage

Download this free resource to get industry expert advice and resources that will help expand your solar business. 

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